Application Note

Scene Analytics

Transform IP camera networks to gain meaningful insights and realize ROI

Scene Analytics Front PageIn an effort to enhance public safety, traffic management, and crowd control, many cities have blanketed urban areas with video cameras. By deploying the Nokia Scene Analytics solution, cities can improve security and quality of life for residents, achieve significant bandwidth savings, remedy data center overload, and reduce overall video surveillance costs.

The Nokia Scene Analytics solution collects, filters, and combines all data types, and it understands and prioritizes the data in real time, in addition to providing scheduled reports. It also allows you to:

  1. Realize the return on investment (ROI) of video network infrastructure.
  2. Scale video surveillance and analytics in highly variable conditions.
  3. Mitigate privacy concerns with an intelligent and secure platform.

Nokia Scene Analytics leverages machine learning to turn IP cameras into smart IoT sensors at scale. The solution prioritizes the video scenes that are important for human review or metadata analysis. This unique approach of edge computing can drastically reduce the amount of video storage, network uplink and heavy-duty computing. The end result is humans can now be much more effective at reviewing video events at scale by reviewing the scenes that matter.

Getting the underlying analytics framework right is critical to assure proactive response and a healthy ROI. The Scene Analytics application note gives a guide to transforming IP networks to gain meaningful insights and realize ROI.

Harness the power of real-time video analytics
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